eCommerce has reached record high levels in terms of popularity last year. This is a type of commerce that provides many opportunities to both merchants and consumers. Without any doubt, this field is changing all the time and in case you want to stay successful in the world of eCommerce, you must adjust your strategy and implement these changes. This is true for eCommerce websites design too. That’s why we have decided to share some must-have eCommerce websites design elements. Remember that you should do your best to include these elements in your eCommerce website.


One of the most important elements of eCommerce website design is the blog. This is how you can attract new visitors. Many people are not unaware of the power of blogging. It turns out that this relatively simple activity can attract thousands of readers. Of course, the things you are sharing on your blog which is part of your website must be interesting, relevant and unique. Think about your target audience when creating blog posts. For instance, if you are selling baby clothing, you can create blogs about the different types of materials used in modern baby clothing, their pros and cons and more. If you don’t have time to write blog posts, you can always hire a freelance writer. They will do the research for you and help you share engaging content.

Responsive design

Having responsive web design is a must for every eCommerce website today. In other words, you must run a mobile-friendly website. In this way, you will not only invest in future, but you will also invest in the present. Namely, according to the latest statistics, more than half of online buyers are using their mobile devices to get information about the products they are interested in. In addition, many of them are using their smartphones or tablets to purchase things over the Internet.

Integrating social media platforms

In case you want to follow the latest trends in the field of eCommerce, you should also think about social media integration. To put it simply, you must find a way to allow visitors to share their experience with your website on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Loading time

The loading time must be fast. You can do this by decluttering your website from unnecessary elements like flash banners or very large images. The loading time should not be longer than five seconds.


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