The 21st-century marketplace is no longer on physical location. Each day, the number of online stores is growing at a higher rate in comparison to in-stores.   Also, you can ascertain that in-store are subscribing to the hybrid approach by launching an e-commerce website.

As an entrepreneur in this era, having an online store is not optional if you have a vision of earning high profitability. However, you may be new to the virtual world. You do not know where to start your online selling journey.  If this is your scenario, this article is for you.  Here are three simple steps in launching your first e-commerce website:

a)     Choosing your niche and product

As you set off your journey of online selling, you need to choose your niche. A niche is the area of specialization. For example, you can choose to sell cosmetics, fashions, or pieces of jewelry. Unlike, the brick and mortar store, if you are looking on to earn high profits, you need to specialize in a given field when selling online.

 For this reason, when launching your e-commerce website, you must first decide on which product to sell and the field/niche you will target. Should you make a mistake at this point, the rest journey will equate to total failure. Notably, when choosing the product, you should consider its price, demand, and related costs of delivering it to the customers.

b)    E-commerce platform to run your site

After deciding what to sell and the niche to focus on, the next step is choosing an e-commerce platform. With a thousand plus e-commerce platforms, it can be a complicated task to select the right one. 

However, regardless of the product, you will be selling, your platform of choice should meet several conditions. One, it must have essential e-commerce website functionalities, strong customer support, and enable you to manage the transaction and check out process.  Also, it should be within your budgets.

c)     Setting up your website

Now that you have the product to sell and the platform to host your e-commerce website, it’s time to set it up.  Here you need to choose a domain name and the hosting provider. However, most platforms have a hosted plan.

So, all you need is to select your page layout, theme, color and other functionality that will be essential in running your e-commerce business. Upon setting up the site, you will need to upload images of your product and their relevant content.

And with these steps, your e-commerce website will be ready to be an income stream. 


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