Are you in this situation? You want to start an online store to increase your revenue. However, your budget is fixed, and you cannot afford to pay for the best web designers. Fortunately, you key in the phrase “free e-commerce website builders.” Wow! The result presents you more than a thousand offers to choose from.

But, now you are in confusion and wondering which is the best option. Probably, you doubt the authenticity of the free website builders, and you are not sure they will offer you the best result. Nevertheless, you have to build your e-commerce site. But did you know these three things?

i) Free builders have the best customer support

The first reason for offering free e-commerce website builders is marketing. The web service providers use this option as a way to woo customers to subscribe to the paid option. As such, to ensure they achieve this objective, they offer you the best customer support.

In fact, some people have complained of poor service upon upgrading to the paid option. As you may know, support services are essential to the success of your e-commerce website. For this reason, fixed budgets should not be a limitation to establishing an online business.

ii) Limited storage and bandwidth

Another thing you need to know about free e-commerce website builders is that they offer you limited storage and bandwidth. Most builders come with 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth.

As such, if you are planning to upload large files and images, this may not be your option. Important to note is that with this storage space, you can only create a limited number of pages. Hence, if you need your e-commerce site to look professional by placing each product on its own page free builders is not your option.

iii) Hard to brand your business

Unlike paid builders, the free options do not allow you to have a stand-alone domain name. You always get a subdomain. With this, it becomes hard to market your brands as you have to carry their name along.

In this instance, people assume your site is a subsidiary of the free website builder provider. Hence, if they have a negative perception about the provider, the same image will be painted on your business. Also, the providers use you as their marketing channel other than their client.

With the above information, you are now a step ahead. You know what you will experience by using free e-commerce website builder. As such, the ball is in your court.


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